These days, Mangal in Kundli has turned into an exceptionally basic issue, however, here I need to state that there is no compelling reason to take the pressure off for Mangal. The whole Mangal is not hurtful.

Just through legal investigation, it is conceivable to locate the correct things about Mangal in Kundli and thereafter it is smarter to make the ideal move to limit the unsafe impacts of Mangal.


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There are 12 houses in our horoscope and the 1st house, fourth house, seventh house, eighth house and twelfth house is in charge of the Mangalik yoga in Kundli. At the point when the Mars exhibit in the said houses, then Kuja dosha or Bhom dosha is framed. The individual who has this yoga is said to be the Manglik male or Manglik female.

It is likewise called ‘KUJA DOSHA’ and has a capable effect on an individual life. It is formed when Mangal or Mars is available in a fourth, seventh, eighth or twelfth house in the Lagna Kundli or a horoscope. The Manglik factor is considered in marriage for the most part.
Disregarding having great focuses on coordinating, making if there is Manglik dosha in horoscope then specialist don’t encourage to go for marriage as it will create numerous difficult issues in individual life.


Mars or Mangal is an intense planet and furthermore related to the energy of a man. What’s more, this is a science that additional power makes a man sick. Same is the situation with Manglik people. We should see a few impacts of Mangal-dosha.


1. Person confronts warmness in nature.
2. Temper is found in the individual having capable Mangal in the horoscope.
3. Dominating nature is additionally observed because of the effect of mangal in birth graph.
4. Quarrelsome nature likewise turns out at some point due to mangal negative effect.
5. Some effects, according to the houses in the Horoscope-

  • It makes the individual stubborn.
  • It makes the individual struggle in expert and individual life.
  • Delay in marriage.
  • Loss of riches, property additionally happens relies on the kind of Mangal in Horoscope.
  • Conflicts between accomplice is additionally a typical issue.
  • Divorce additionally occurs due to Mangal Doshas.
  • Mangal makes the individual most forceful.


Discuss with one of the best astrologers, Lalit ji, the specialist of black magic and vashikaran and get the best guidance just for you to over originate from your problems. So, don’t disregard the Mangal Dosha in light of the fact that life won’t come back once more. To appreciate this life in this birth it is important to take the restorative measures to take care of our issues. Lead a glad and prosperous life.Ask crystal gazer and recognize what sort of Mangal is there in your horoscope, how it is influencing your life, what to do to make the life productive, how to limit the effect of Mangal.